Thursday, February 25

.Patching holes in the bathroom walls (Part Three: Zen and the Art of Spackle)

So what did I learn by patching the bathroom walls? I learned that I need more practice. But like any other home repair project, it's not rocket science, and if I apply myself, I can do a pretty decent job.

om mani padme hum, I will get this project done...
om mani padme hum, I will get this project done...*

And this old house has plenty of practice areas...

Wednesday, February 24

.Patching holes in the bathroom walls (Part Two: Getting the hang of this...)

So when we last left our intrepid hero, he was applying the second coat of spackle.

Spackle, sand, repeat.

Monday, February 22

.Patching holes in the bathroom walls (Part One: I'd rather be doing anything else...)

Earlier this week Tory pointed out something new. We'd developed some rough spots in the bathroom walls, by the shower, above the tile surround.

Exactly what I wanted to spend Saturday doing, I thought to myself. We'd had the bathroom painted not too long ago by professional painters (four or five years, I think), and I was surprised these problems had developed so quickly. But that's an old house for you.

Thursday, February 4

.Seven digit dialing is alive and well in the suburbs of Chicago

Perhaps this would interest few people beside me, but you can still make a local call here by dialing seven digits.

No, that's not a current picture of my local telephone company's central exchange office.

I thought those days had passed.

Wednesday, February 3

Vintage Kitchen Hoosier Cabinet

My latest Alleymart acquisition is a particularly rare discovery. This time I found a Hoosier style pantry cabinet.

I’ve found vintage cabinets in the alley before, but until now they’ve all been metal.