Tuesday, November 10

The Angry Pumpkin

Halloween was a week ago, so this Sunday I threw out the pumpkins. The big one was looking a little worse for wear because the neighborhood squirrels were eating it. One of the two little ones had gotten mushy. The other of the two little ones had gotten angry. Very angry.

I couldn't resist posting a picture.

Sunday, November 8

.Pruning Juniper

Tory's parents came up to visit last weekend. This is the third year in a row, and it's slowly becoming an established tradition for them to visit on Halloween weekend.

It's a great chance for them to visit the grandkids, and Tory always conscripts her father to tend the plants in the yard. Bill has a degree in horticulture, so he's quite helpful.

Tuesday, October 27

The Backstory (To blog, or not to blog, that is the question...)

Welcome to the Grove Avenue Bungalow.

I suppose I have two purposes for writing this blog. One is to add to the small but growing Internet knowledgebase of period home restoration. Here I can tell the story of how, with no previous experience, I managed to fix the place up without burning it down.

The other purpose is purely personal: keeping score, one project at a time.